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Hard Facts


Name Peter Schleinzer
& Memberships
Project Management Professional (PMP)®
PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
Certified Scrum Master
PMI Austria Chapter Member
ASQF Member
ADV Member

Other Profiles

Military Service

  • passed 1998-1999
    • Austrian Red Cross as Paramedic
    • till 2011 volunteer as Paramedic

About me

I've started my career as Support Engineer for server and database applications at Oracle. My main responsibility was to support our clients in situations like database failures and outages. During that I've learned a lot how to work with time pressure but keep the customers need always as first priority. Beside the technical challenge it was always important to deescalate and keep focused on the real problem.

Later on I worked as Java developer, but always with my support knowledge I gained during my work at Oracle. I'm always client focused and I was never a developer only working on the requirement without knowing and understanding the purpose and the surroundings. I always tried to get in touch with the customers to understand their needs and to do the best to support their business. With this knowledge it was easy to get the big picture and a better understanding.

With my 11 years of experience as volunteer paramedic, I learned a lot on how to work with people in extreme situations for the client side and in my team. During this time, I was, beside my regular work as paramedic, part of the rescue team for 3 big accidents (2001 train crash, 2002 bus accident on a highway, 2003 train accident). On the bus accident 2002 on the highway, I was the first ambulance car which made me as transport manager to coordinate 2 rescue helicopters and more then 30 ambulance cars from every village nearby. My team was working on the triage in the meantime. This experience helped during my career to be focused under time pressure.

During the last several years I worked as project manager and Scrum Master in the financial and banking industry with distributed multi national teams.